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Helping people and pets with Open Paws.

There are hundreds of animals who are in need of help and care in Riyadh; without animal shelters or humane societies it can be difficult to find help. But we are working to change things for the better.

"Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself"
--Wisdom of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

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rahmah li al-‘alamin (a mercy to all the worlds) was demonstrated by the Prophet in his words
and through his actions. He showed great respect for the creatures of Allah; he protected them
and encouraged all his followers to be responsible in the way they treated them too.
This is the inspiration behind our work – because the creatures can not speak for themselves.

We Love Pets

It is written:
“A good deed done to a beast, is as valid as doing good to a person. While cruelty to a beast is as serious as cruelty to a person.” (narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).
And so, we offer help to people and pets with Open Paws

Our aims are:

To provide education and guidance for correct animal care.
Whether this is in schools, women’s groups or even at the pet shops, it is only when people understand about animals that they will be able to care for them properly, and treat them with the respect and compassion they deserve.

Reduce the number of unwanted pet animals.
We aim at the source of the problems: unregulated breeding and abandonment. Thousands of cats - in particular - are born in our compounds and around our homes every year because people don’t consider the consequences of continued breeding or the responsibility of animal ownership.

In the Long Term…
Saudi Arabia is a wealthy, developing, Islamic nation. We pray that soon there will be official support for animal welfare and better rules to enforce animal treatment and care. We pray for the shelter we need to rescue and house more of the thousands of creatures we can not help now.


More of Our Work - and you can help too

There is so much work to do and so many people who love animals - read about what we are doing and see if you can help. We have some easy ideas under the topics below that you can use and we would love to hear your ideas or any volunteers to join in. Ask us about it; email

Pet Care


Take Part!

There are many people out there who would like to help improve the situation for animals. Sometimes people don't even see what's wrong and sometimes if they do they're not sure how to help. Here's a couple if links to keep in touch and forward to others too.

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We need your help! The animals of riyadh need your help.
Pity will not help them, good intentions will not save them, Open Paws has a policy of positive action - never negative, nor apathetic. We know that the kingdom is developing and at the same time the respect for animals is an old tradition in Islam. If we strive for improvements in animal welfare inshALLAH we will make things better - for people and pets.


Contact Us
If you would like help with stray, mistreated animals, street cats etc or if you wish to report pet shops vets or kennels - good or bad - about their animal treatment. Or if you have ways and the time to help us! new ideas or volunteers, please email
For animal adoptions, re-homing help. But please read the adoption page information first so you have all the information about responsible pet ownership and we need to help place you with the right pet. Then email the re-homing co-ordinator at
For advice relating to animal health and welfare in the kingdom, second opinions for your animals needs, you can Please, this is for local Paws people, if you are outside KSA, and have access to qualifed vets local to where you live, support them and seek their assistance.



Our Friends

Er7amni is Saudi Arabia's first animal rights group established by its caring youth because " Animals in Need Can't Speak For Themselves " Spreading knowledge about animal care from a religious and sociological point of view. visit!

All about cats!
& better ways live with them & control their numbers for the cats' & public health. visit

PAWS in The Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia. The origional Paws group here established after the first Gulf war to assist abandoned animals. visit

What can you do to help?