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Open Paws (Riyadh, KSA)

There are hundreds of animals who are in need of help and care in Riyadh; without animal shelters or official humane societies it can be difficult to find help. But we are working to change things for the better.

We are all volunteers, both Saudi and expatriots, who aim to reduce the number of homeless pets, control stray cat populations humanely and help individual animals found in need of rescue.

It is impossible for us to help every animal in need and that is why education and public awareness of the issues is so important to help in the long term. We believe no animal should be treated cruelly and we hope one day there will be no more homeless pets.

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Contact Us

We Do Not Have a Shelter
- animals are cared for in
foster homes by volunteers
P: 050 119 8458 (8am-6pm)
E: help@openpaws.org

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Compound Cats

Many people do not know, the usual method to control stray cats in compounds is repeatedly trapping and dumping them - sometimes in the city streets (where the Amanah -city municipality- also run pest control) or in the desert. A humane control program, using neutering, is a much better alternative - we need volunteers to help support this were you live.

rescue animals

Animal Rescue

If you find an animal injured, or one in need of help, please contact us. We can not garantee we can take every animal in but we can guide you to find help and we will do our best to assist in cases where we can.
D.I.Y. Rescue? vet clinics in Riyadh:
Elite Vets - 9200 11626 (exit 2)
Advanced Pet Clinic - 9200 07144 (exit 6)

adopt a pet

Adopt a Pet

On a daily basis, volunteers find lost and abandoned pets, usually cats but also dogs, rabbits, birds etc. After rescue and recovery we need to find permanent (and also temporary foster) homes for these pets. It you are looking for a pet please stay clear of the shops (which soley profit from the sales of animals) and adopt one already in need.